lucky one
lucky one
"Yo soy yo.
En todo el mundo no existe nadie
exactamente igual a mi.
Hay personas que tienen aspectos míos,
pero en ninguna forma el mismo conjunto mio.
Son míos mis triunfos y mis éxitos,
todos mis fracasos y errores.
[…]puedo hacer factible
que todo lo que me concierne funcione
para mis mejores intereses.
Virginia Satir
"Me gustaría decir que hay un camino para salir de esto. No estoy convencida de que lo haya. Pero los caminos se inician por la acción decidida en alguna parte. ¿Por qué no aquí?"
"Cuando quieras emprender algo, habrá mucha gente que te dirá que no lo hagas, cuando vean que no te pueden detener, te dirán cómo lo tienes que hacer, y cuando finalmente vean que lo has logrado, dirán que siempre creyeron en ti."
"Para las personas es difícil soltar su sufrimiento. Debido a su temor por lo desconocido, prefieren la familiaridad del sufrimiento."
Thich Nhat Hanh
Conversaciones que no quieres terminar, pero que tampoco sabes como seguir.
"1. Seventh grade sucks, get over it.
2. If a boy is mean to you, it doesn’t always mean he likes you. It usually means he’s a dick.
3. It doesn’t matter if you like boys or girls or both or none.
4. Speak up. Don’t hold it in, you’ll only break yourself.
5. Give yourself room to breathe.
6. Make lists, they’ll help you feel organized.
7. Eighth grade sucks, get over it.
9. Friends come and go, but donuts will never hurt you.
10. Don’t be rude to people who have pictures of you from your awkward years.
11. Ninth grade really fucking sucks. Get over it.
12. Straighten your hair all you want or curl it all you want, but don’t be surprised when you walk around smelling like burnt popcorn.
13. Don’t drink or smoke just because everyone else does. If you want to do it, then go ahead. I can’t stop you, but keep in mind that following the crowd often results in writing journal entries about how badly you fucked up.
14. Tenth grade sucks. Get over it.
15. Your grades are important. They do not determine your intelligence, but your grades are keys that will either open up doors for you or keep you locked out.
16. Do not trust people who don’t like dogs.
17. Look up feminism before you talk about how you don’t support it because you believe in equality.
18. Develop your own ideas and interests.
19. Most of high school sucks, you’ll get over it.
20. Keep a journal.
21. There’s a difference between being blunt and being a complete fucking asshole
22. Love yourself, even if you feel like no one else does.
23. Heartbreak is inevitable, but you were fine before them and you’ll be fine after them.
24. Screw “I’m not like other girls”. Love other girls, support other girls, stand by other girls, protect other girls.
25. Stay alive.
26. Don’t do blue eyeshadow in middle school. Love yourself and don’t let people change who you are, but for the love of God do not do blue eyeshadow in middle school."
"Pieces of Advice for My Younger Sister", Elsie Gonzalez  (via live-to-listen)
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